Latest Developer Video For Worms Revolution

Arguably one of the best things ever to come out of Britain, the Worms franchise is an iconic turn-based title with roots back as far as 1995. A hugely successful series, Worms has produced over 20 unique titles, even spreading to the 3D market for a few of them. The 3D version has never sat well with fans, as all the strategy and tactics we came to love was removed for a simple Jetpack and Firepunch approach. However, those times are coming to an end with the upcoming release of Worms Revolution.

Scheduled for release later this year, Team 17 will be releasing a total of five developer videos, giving fans a glimpse behind the scenes, as well as some information on new features. Included below are the currently available videos, up to episode 3 where they discuss the classes and customization features available in Worms Revolution. Fat Worms, Brain Worms and Soldier Worms, Worms vs. Starship Troopers anyone?

Developer Diary Episode 1

Developer Diary Episode 2

Developer Diary Episode 3

Developer Diary Episode 4

Developer Diary Episode 5