Team 17 Merges Retro With Next-Gen Bringing The Classic Alien Breed To iOS

A game with roots back as far as the Commodore Amiga in 1991, Alien Breed is widely considered as a gaming classic, introducing multiplayer top-down shooter action for thousands of alien loving fans. Although it was nothing official, the game was quite obviously based on the Alien movies, more specifically Aliens (The second movie in the iconic saga), and has since given birth to a number of successful titles.

Alien Breed
The newest addition to the franchise, simply named Alien Breed, will be available as a universal application on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. A really innovative idea from Team 17 is giving players the choice of using the original old-school Amiga graphics or new retina-display imagery, providing a great choice for long-term fans of the series and those new to the Alien Breed world. Fans of the old-school title will be happy to hear that Alien Breed has retained its challenging approach to game-play, one of the main reasons the original was so successful, and Team 17 are offering plenty of nostalgia with the return of various maps from the original 1991 classic.

As is common with iOS games, there will be a micro-transaction system in place allowing players to purchase extra ammo, weapons and keys from the in-game store.
Alien Breed is scheduled for release in August 2012 and will be available for iPad, iPhone (3GS and above) and iPod Touch (3rd Gen or better).

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