Comic-Con Is Approaching! Marvel Heroes, Beyond: Two Souls And More..

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The highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con is quickly approaching and all the big dogs are teasing us with information regarding their main focus during the event. First up comes the announcement from Gazillion Entertainment, situated in booth #2329, players will get the first opportunity to try out Gazillion’s upcoming MMO title, Marvel Heroes. Anything based on the iconic Marvel franchise is sure to cause a stir, especially with super-hero competition dwindling thanks to lackluster releases from DC Universe and Champions Online. Comic-Con will be the first chance anyone outside of the testing circle will have to delve into the new Marvel MMO and players can expect an opportunity to play as four famous heroes through several levels of the game. Another interesting event held at the Gazillion Entertainment booth is the hunt for The Tablet, a unique event that will see visitors exploring Comic-Con with the hopes of finding a rare item. The rewards, a number of exclusive prizes such as T-shirts as well as a large number of beta slots for the upcoming closed beta event.

Sony will also be brandishing the big guns with information and announcements regarding a number of their upcoming titles including Beyond: Two Souls and the Naughty Dog title, The Last of Us.Naughty Dog At Comic Con Attendees will want to search out Sony for their first panel on July 12th from 12pm to 1pm, where the writer and director, David Cage, will be on hand to explain the concept of Virtual Performance Capture in video-games, a rare art that has actors playing a vital role in the games development, from voice-overs to script design. Having previously directed Heavy Rain, David Cage is no stranger to telling an epic story, and we’re expecting more of the same with Beyond: Two Souls. The following day, July 13th 5pm to 6pm, Naughty Dog will take the reigns with information on their new title, The Last of Us. They’ve yet to release any concrete information on what the panel will discuss, but they have promised a new in-game cinematic.

SEGA are also going to be demonstrating some of their upcoming titles including Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, a new racing experience promising to give Sonic the Hedgehog fans the super-speed action they love, surrounded by various iconic characters from the Sonic Universe.Aliens Colonial Marines At Comic Con For those of us more interested in watching a small alien burst out of a mans chest, SEGA will also be showing off Aliens: Colonial Marines, the highly anticipated FPS title from Gearbox Studios, a title that will hopefully restore the prestige that the Aliens universe deserves, trying not to mention that abysmal Aliens vs. Predator title.

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