Gamer Am I

A gaming product where the name, Gamer Grub ®, labels who I am … is quite frankly a good question.

Know thy self.

I developed Gamer Grub as a gaming peripheral to solve multi-tasking problems while gaming. While on the adventure, I found out that the process of building a company was also multi-task problem solving.

Being a Gamer is not that I was a geek in high school, being a Gamer is the realization that I liked to solve problems quickly and in a creative way. Sure, many of the problems that I was solving in games were done by acquiring the best weapon, then using it… but so what, it’s fun … it’s a game ! As with any game, the person who understands the game the best, and can solve the problem quicker than the opponent, wins.

Before computer gaming there were board games, card games, etc. most of which were physical and basically two-dimensional problems to solve. In computer gaming, problem solving is taken to an entirely different level than games previously played by us bipeds.

Gaming problems are epic, three-dimensional, magic and cross time realities that require talents and skill sets that no other game category ever had. Fast multi-tasking and thinking in multi-dimensions is a basic requirement of gaming. The brain’s neural network grows in new ways when you think in such new and incredible ways.

Gaming has brought together a world population under one set of “rules” or “digital governance” where communication and ideas are shared freely worldwide. People from different cultures, countries and religions who would have never met each other, now exchange ideas on an increasing scale.

As gaming has evolved, have I evolved? … has humanity evolved?

Being a gamer, from casual to hardcore, is about being part of a group that likes solving complicated problems while having fun. Given what’s going on in the world these days, I guess some people just don’t know how to do that.