The Beginning

It started some time ago, I got tired of getting up to wash my hands after snacking and gaming or working on the computer.  Wiping my hands on my jeans was not working out either.  I have always liked to multi-task and be efficient.  There is just too much to do, to only do one thing at a time.

I love snacking, but why every time I snacked at the console, the two activities went together like zucchini jello?  Crumbs, Grease, Yellow Goo …. Maybe I should just paint my controller Yellow Dye #5 so at least everything matched.

Argh. 🙁

There has to be a better way.

I am a geek and can solve the problem.

Sure, I make and built stuff in the garage… I built my own snowboard and boot system from scratch, an electrical rubber-band Gatling gun (super sweet), animatronic figures, programs and websites, toy prototypes, boat-mounted water-balloon launchers and airplane models to blow up … all in good fun.  I never have built a “snack” though.

I started drawing up solutions to solve the messy-controller / slippage problem and researched packaging and delivery systems for a solution.  Snack containers, lids and snack pieces; all had to work together and exist in the game / workspace as a technology peripheral.  I used 3D modeling programs to build wireframes to skin and built container prototypes in the garage.

Through the prototyping and design process I wanted to provide ingredients which supported fast thinking and motor skills for gaming.  I spent a lot of time working with a laboratory designing different mixtures from the plain to the very exotic (Himalayan roots and berries, etc.).  Fish oils (DHA – Omegas 6 & 9) supported brain function.  We experimented with cooking DHA into Gamer Grub, but it did not pan out, since the oil really had to be encapsulated or suspended in a liquid to keep.  Let’s just say that the Gamer Grub DHA prototypes did not smell that great when we put them together. * FAIL *

Working with the lab, we developed a vitamin mix which supported fast reaction times, but did not have the installation short comings of a marine product or taste like a car tire.

To make the actual Gamer Grub snack mix, the mix had to function in the container.  It could not be a big chip, a large schnitzel or whatever, it has to roll and pour… so you did not get it on your hands and kept your equipment clean.  Gamer Grub had to flow easily from the container to your gullet.  By making the first prototype pieces in my Mom’s kitchen, I figured out which sizes worked for flow rates and various taste profiles.  For the jelly pieces of the PB&J prototype, I used chopped-up gummy worms.

Once I had all the prototypes made and they tasted deliciously great, together with some packaging mock-ups, I set off into the unknown to find how to build a snack company.  I have always wanted to take an idea I had and turn it into a thriving enterprise.  I was tired of working for other people who seemed to be a couple sandwiches short of a picnic or morally defunct. 

I have a dream of flying the Gamer Grub flag at the top of the mountain.  I am now at base camp; little did I know what was ahead…